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  • Bogue Joseph Sieloff Shared Governance as Vertical Alignment JNM 2009 4-14 - This article reviews a series of empirical studies on how nursing shared governance may be made more effective through improved definitions and... Click here to learn more.

  • Joseph Laughon Bogue Whole Person Care JNM 2011 19 989-997 - This article examines nursing leadership’s roles in fostering a workplace climate that supports... Click here to read more.

  • Our newest: Slockett and Bogue Natl Physician Well Being Conference April 5 2013 - How Do YOU Excel at Keeping Yourself Well? Personal Stories and Research Results
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Summer 2013 - How to Leverage Power Throughout Your Organization.

Fall 2012 - Physician Well-Being and the Future of U.S. Healthcare

Summer 2012 - GEMS: Practical, Evidence-based Steps to Excellence in Shared Governance

Spring 2012 - Leading with Courage


The vision of Courageous Healthcare is to be a global leader in innovative, practical, and timely research-based services.


We help courageous leaders engage workers to perform at their highest levels. This leads to healthcare organizations that become inherently adept at fostering innovative and sustainable cultures of excellence.


Our services assist courageous organizational leaders to make human factor improvements. The outcomes of improved human systems have impacts throughout an organization. Better leveraged employee and partner performance can affect employee engagement and business outcomes. For example, in a health system or hospital, improved human systems can produce superior scores under pay for performance and accelerate progress toward recognitions such as Baldrige and Magnet. The following are our service areas:



Executive Team


Richard J. Bogue

President and Senior Research Methodologist

Ph. Number: 407-376-3740



M. Lindell Joseph

Chief Executive Officer and Lead Nurse Researcher

Ph. Number: 407-733-1448



Sandy L. Swearingen

Senior Consultant or Director

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