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Bogue Joseph Sieloff Shared Governance as Vertical Alignment JNM 2009 4-14 This article reviews a series of empirical studies on how nursing shared governance may be made more effective through improved definitions and measurement. In particular, nine competencies define nursing practice council effectiveness and can be measured with the Nursing Practice Council effectiveness scale (NPCes). Vertical alignment of strategies fostering competencies among nurse leaders and nursing practice councils accelerates NPC effectiveness. PDF Complimentary Download Now

Joseph Laughon Bogue Whole Person Care JNM 2011 19 989-997 This article examines nursing leadership’s roles in fostering a workplace climate that supports the application of a whole person care model. This study was a phenomenological exploration of whether and how nurses’ experienced and carried out the diffusion of a specific model of whole person care. These results support the Institute of Medicine’s call for nurses to take the lead in adopting innovations and provides leaders with actionable strategies. PDF Complimentary Download Now

Courageous Healthcare at AONE 2012 45th Annual Meeting & Exposition - Measuring the Contributions of Nursing and Accelerated Shared Governance presentation by M. Lindell Joseph, PhD, RN and Richard J. Bogue, PhD PowerPoint Complimentary Download Now

Bengaard Bogue Crow Reliability of Diagnosis by ASIS Palpation Reliability of diagnosis of somatic dysfunction among osteopathic physicians and medical students. PDF Complimentary Download Now

Keehbauch San Miguel Drapiza Pepe Bogue Smith-Dixon Documentation and Management of Pediatric Obesity Clinical Pediatrics Sept 2011 Increased Documentation and Management of Pediatric Obesity. PDF Complimentary Download Now

Institute of Medicine (IOM) 2010 Future of Nursing Report

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Slockett and Bogue Natl Physician Well Being Conference April 5 2013 How Do YOU Excel at Keeping Yourself Well? Personal Stories and Research Results PDF Complimentary Download Now