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GEMS NPC Self-Assessment

The GEMS NPC Self-Assessment is a 21 item instrument, taking less than 10 minutes to complete in a convenient online survey. The Self-Assessment gives NPC members information for assessing their current state and identifying near-term targets as they strive, over the longer term, toward their desired future state. the Self-Assessment metrics permit NPCs to target near-term objectives, enabling everyone involved to see levels of effectiveness, progress over time, and how shared governance associates with—or impacts—key outcomes for nurses, units, departments and organizations. The metrics obtained from the GEMS Self-Assessment include (a) Overall NPC Effectiveness, (b) measures of effectiveness in three key phases (Foundational Inputs, Empowering Processes, and Aligning Outcomes), and (c) a diagnostic tool for alignment of purposes up-and-down levels of the organization (individual nurses, and the unit-, department- and organizational-levels). These measures, as well as reliability and validity information about the GEMS Self-Assessment.. An earlier Nursing Practice Council Effectiveness Scale (NPCes) had nine items for indexing NPC effectiveness (See table 1 from Bogue, Joseph & Sieloff, 2009). The overall Cronbach’s Alpha for the nine factor scale was 0 .935. This means the earlier scale had strong internal consistency. It could be counted on as a reliable measure of NPC effectiveness. The new NPC GEMS Self-Assessment builds a much clearer and more complete view of NPC effectiveness in three ways. (1) Item wordings have been completely revised to ensure greater clarity and meaning for nurses and others. (2) The NPC GEMS Self-Assessment builds on knowledge gained with the earlier scale to create a multilevel measure that can provide practical guidance on how to make progress. (3) And it can be used to identify both strengths and problem areas in goal alignment up-and-down the organization.