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  • Bogue Joseph Sieloff Shared Governance as Vertical Alignment JNM 2009 4-14 - This article reviews a series of empirical studies on how nursing shared governance may be made more effective through improved definitions and... Click here to learn more.

  • Joseph Laughon Bogue Whole Person Care JNM 2011 19 989-997 - This article examines nursing leadership’s roles in fostering a workplace climate that supports... Click here to read more.

  • Our newest: Slockett and Bogue Natl Physician Well Being Conference April 5 2013 - How Do YOU Excel at Keeping Yourself Well? Personal Stories and Research Results
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Policy Analysis

Courageous Healthcare staff have experience spanning more than two decades in policy analysis. Much of our policy analysis experience has been in identifying options for adapting to environmental changes or payment and reimbursement policies that are emerging in health care. This experience has included areas as diverse as accountable care organizations and preparing for value-based purchasing under Medicare. We do not specialize in coding for billing purposes.

We can also help you examine the quality, compliance and impact of organizational policies. This might include, for example, procedural and technical process protocols, diversity initiatives, or community benefit guidelines. We do not specialize in legal and regulatory matters regarding hiring, employment, discrimination or termination. But we can help improve pre-employment and exit interview practices so that the organization’s values are more deeply embedded in policy and practice.)


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